Together Films

A film doesn’t exist until an audience has seen it

Together Films is a Marketing, Distribution & Data agency serving film clients worldwide. We offer strategic consultancy and campaign delivery in addition to developing bespoke technical solutions for the film industry.

Based on our custom Impact Distribution Strategy methodology, we devise concepts to ensure that you work is seen by the right audience at the right time. If you are confused by the myriad of distribution options available, struggling to convert early interest into paying consumers, or unsure how to measure your success feel free to reach out to us for help. 

Our clients include Filmmakers, Film Festivals, Sales Agents, Distributors, Brands and NGOs - all seeking support on distribution and marketing efforts. 

We support projects from development through to distribution, providing strategic consultation along the way. We know that it may take you years to complete your film, and we can help along the way as much, or as little, as your campaign requires. 

Our vision is a creative sector driven by collaboration, transparency and insight to ensure great work getS seen


We provide Marketing, Distribution and Data services to the film industry

Together Films Marketing


We deliver full Digital Campaign Management for external clients in addition to running the marketing for our distribution projects. We can either bolster in house efforts or run a complete campaign from scratch. With capacities for in house creative direction, we can also produce assets as required.



We partner with content creators to either run full service distribution campaigns, or sign rights for European exploitation depending on the existing distribution plan. This gives you the flexibility to choose your own creative distribution approach, depending on your distribution objectives. Previous campaigns have included Europe Non-Theatrical distribution for Blue Heart (Patagonia), UK Distribution for Oscar Shortlisted Unrest(Sundance 2018) and the Educational Campaign for Oscar Nominated The Hunting Ground (Sundance 2015).



We are a 'data first' company, developing innovative new solutions for the film industry. Alongside our upcoming subscription products we are also available to consult with organisations to conduct data audits and evaluation planning to ensure that you are monitoring meaningful metrics. Our new platform - Together Insights - will be launching soon and you can sign up now to be considered for our early beta trial via our newsletter.

We support Filmmakers, Distributors, Sales Agents, Film Festivals, Brands & NGOs

to increase their Reach, Revenue & Reaction.

We work with award winning talent

with many of our titles premiering at top tier Film Festivals including Sundance & SXSW. We are selective with our campaigns, resulting in the majority of our titles securing Oscar or Emmy nominations.

We support both grassroots and traditional distribution

with our films launching on leading platforms alongside co-ordinated non-theatrical screenings tours. Our films have featured on all the major platforms including Netflix, PBS, Amazon and BBC.

 You can find out more about our active campaigns on our Insights blog

Together Films are frequently on the road providing Impact Distribution training