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Impact Together

Introducing our new non-profit foundation

Impact Together Limited is a company limited by guarantee, registered in the UK in Aug 2021 (company number: 13556245). It is the sister non-profit foundation to Together Films Limited.

The mission of Impact Together is to deliver educational and engaging film impact campaigns supported by Foundation partners to drive awareness and action on key social issues. Our campaigns will expand on our existing delivery, and allow us to serve a wider variety of audiences who may be facing socio-economic injustice, and/or limited access to media that can make change.

Each campaign will have a societal benefit across an area such as racial justice, sustainability or human rights. We will conceive, deliver and evaluate the benefit of each campaign in line with strategic partners who are experts in their given field. The outcomes of each campaign will be well documented and aim to serve as inspiration for other film impact campaigns around the world.

Our previous work at Together Films has been supported by leading non-profit funders including the Ford Foundation & Perspective Fund and we welcome the chance to work with additional partners over the coming years.

Further case studies and live project updates will be added to this page in the coming months. Please note at present we are not offering grants to other projects.