Our workshops are based around a group teaching format, where participants can learn from each other as they take part in practical exercises. We cover the details in our Impact Distribution Strategic Framework to educate and inspire participants, who can then put these new skills into real life situations immediately.

Sarah Mosses was invited to Trondheim to give a seminar on Impact Distribution strategies and audience design. She is highly skilled in her field and as a lecturer she really knows how to capture her audience.

In addition to sharing her vast knowledge and experience with the group, she had one-on-one meetings with filmmakers. She left them all inspired and with a broader understanding of where to go next in the production and distribution process. I highly recommend Sarah Mosses. She is skilful, creative, a great communicator and simply a fun person to work with.
— Line Halvorsen, Project Manager Mid Nordic Film Export

As part of the workshop we cover the following 12 key areas as part of our proprietary Impact Distribution Strategic Framework. These sessions can be broken out into their own dedicated session, or included as part of a day long workshop:

  1. Issue Context: Consider your narrative within the macro global position. What is the theme of your film? What are the issues? Consider the local territory context and the global position - is it different?

  2. Impact Objectives: What do you would want to achieve with the release? They should be big vision ideas, things that really aim to change the world.

  3. Target Audience: No film is ‘universal!’, so let’s refine WHOM exactly you’re trying to reach, and explore how they would ever hear about your film.

  4. Strategic Partners: Who are the partners who will help you to reach your target audience?

  5. Impact Timeline: When should you release you film, and why?

  6. Platforms: What platforms will allow you to reach your target audience?

  7. Communications & PR: What’s the conversation you want to create? What are the different hooks to your story that you can pitch to journalists?

  8. Website & Social: What social channels do you need to use to reach your target audience? What tone do you want to use on your social channels? What social assets can you create to enhance your campaign?

  9. Outcomes and KPI’s: The Outcome is the thing that you want to do. The Key Performance Indicator is the metric by which you will be measured.

  10. Budget: How much money and time will you need to delivery your strategy?

  11. Funders: Who are the strategic funders who can support you in delivering your strategy?

  12. Evaluation: How will you evaluate the success of your project? How will you measure your KPIs

Throughout the workshop, we constantly make reference to up to date case studies to ensure all participants are learning from real life examples.

If you are interested in engaging Together Films to host a workshop for your Film Festival, Film Fund or team, let us know what area of expertise you need and we can customise something to match your goals.