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World Mental Health Day at Together Films

At Together Films, we embrace the transformative power of storytelling to create understanding and empathy regarding film subjects that very often may impact the mental health of our team, talent and audiences. Some of our titles refer to issues such as eco anxiety, trauma and sexual assault. It’s therefore imperative that we build a working framework that supports our collective team to feel supported each day. With this understanding we can spark open and honest conversations about the problems we face together as an audience and as a society.

We also embody the belief that positive mental health is an intrinsic human right for everyone, starting with our incredible team! We are proud to have a Happy and Healthy mandate in place to ensure our team is able to achieve a healthy work life balance and treat their health as a priority. We believe that happy, mentally healthy employees are the key to our success, which is why we have implemented a range of policies and initiatives to support their well-being.

Unlimited Mental Health Days

Our unlimited mental health days empower our team members to take the time they need to address their mental well-being and recharge mentally and emotionally.

Free Therapy Through Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We recognise that both work-related and personal issues can affect an individual’s mental health. That’s why we offer free therapy through our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This ensures that our team members always have someone to turn to when they need guidance and support.

Remote & Hybrid Working

We have always implemented a remote and hybrid working style and respect our employees’ choice on where they feel they work best. Whether that is in an office environment, at home or abroad by a beach in France, we trust them to be productive regardless of location.

Client Boundaries & Supportive Dialogue

It is important to us to have a constant open dialogue with our clients to establish mutual and appropriate boundaries. We believe that by setting clear expectations and limits, our team can focus on their work without feeling overwhelmed.

Line Management 1:1s With a Health Focus

All of our 1:1 meetings start with a mental and physical check in before focusing on project tasks and deadlines. By starting with a health check in, it ensures our team can feel comfortable openly discussing their well-being. We can then offer the correct resources and support to help our team thrive personally and professionally.

We believe that by taking care of our employees, we are also taking care of our business, and together, we can achieve success while promoting a culture of well-being and happiness.

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