Together Films are regular speakers at conferences and events. You can hear a sample of one of our conference session below - skip to 22:41 to hear our Founder Sarah Mosses talking about Data Driven Audience Engagement at IDFA:

We have a new signature conference offering called ‘Introduction to Impact Distribution Strategy’, which combines all of our direct expertise into a day long offering for Film Festivals and Film Funds. We debuted this format at CPH:Dox and are now able to customise this for your needs. Below is an outline of the proposed event structure, which we can adapt depending on the existing skills of the audience, and the particular nuances in your territory. Just get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

Together, We Will Find Your Audience

Ideally positioned as one of your industry days, Impact Distribution Strategy: The Conference is targeted at filmmakers and producers, distributors, social change campaigners, and those working with branded content. This conference and associated workshop is meticulously designed to learn how to unleash the power of data to build large and loyal audiences for films.

At Together Films, we believe a film doesn't exist until an audience has seen it. That is why we focus on three core areas: Marketing, Distribution and Data.

The Conference uses a series of keynotes, plenaries and panels to dissect Together Films’ unique 12-step Impact Distribution Strategic Framework. We present an overview to strategic thinking around marketing and distribution, case studies of recent success and invite our colleagues from leading organisations including the Sundance Institute, National Geographic, HBO and Patagonia to discuss industry trends as part of our #Insight series.

The conference day also includes LIVE strategy session with a project in the room, to enable all participants the opportunity to understand the possibilities available, by thinking outside the box.

The conference is tailored towards mid level career participants, who have some basic understanding of marketing & distribution but want to have a deeper level of expertise, to aid project development, negotiation and recoupment.

The conference can also be complemented by a Workshop format the following day, where we can do in depth analysis on a group of films. Participants leave the Workshop with a fully populated Personalised Distribution Toolkit for their project, so they know exactly what the day after the training completed.

Get in touch with us to review a sample agenda, including Strategy Development, Funding, Release Planning and Evaluation. Driven by our direct industry experience, and collaborative partners. This conference session always includes the most up to date case studies from the field.