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Protected: In My Blood It Runs x Kelvindale Primary

Thank you for screening our film in your classroom.  Dujuan’s and his family’s story has inspired classrooms around the world to look deeper into the beauty, strength and resilience of Arrernte and Garrwa cultures and also to understand more the injustices faced by First Nations, Black, and other people of color around the world.  As key advisor, Elder and chair of Children’s Ground, William Tillmouth says:

We need to protect ourselves and our children. To protect children is to empower and strengthen the family and the community to fight this ever encroaching contest for space. To rediscover and regain the confidence of our agency and our right to choose. We need to encourage their empowerment and their participation in two-way learning in order to recapture all that is rightfully ours. To recolonise the place that history has denied us. Space to be ourselves in mind, spirit and soul. Space to be who we are and always will be. To be Aboriginal in our Country, in our own land, Aboriginal land.” 

These and other key messages from family and community have echoed around the world as countries and classrooms pick up the call for a more just, honest and equitable education so we can work towards a society where proper and in depth inclusion is the status quo not the exception. 

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Introduction for UK educators

In this clip (9 mins 48 secs), William Tilmouth (Film Advisor, Elder and Chair of Children’s Ground), Rachel Naninaaq Edwardson (Producer and Educator), and Maya Newell (Director) introduce In My Blood It Runs for UK educators.

Please feel free to watch this introduction for yourself, or share with your students as well.

UK Schools Resource Pack

After you have watched the film with your class, we hope that you will take some time to reflect, host a discussion and explore our lesson plans with your students on the themes in the film. 

*This resource has been created in collaboration with First Nations educators and communities and the filmmakers.

You can download the guide to print locally by clicking the button below. 

United Nations

Viewing Time: 1min

“I came here to speak to you because the Australian government is not listening”

The star of In My Blood It Runs, Dujuan addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child to call on the Australian Government to treat kids like him better.

He was the youngest person ever to address the Human Rights Council.

Skin Deep Q&A

Viewing Time: 1hr 7min

Meet the team behind feature doc In My Blood It Runs: director Maya Newell, producer Rachel Naninaaq Edwardson and Arrernte elder & film advisor William Tilmouth.

They talk with Skin Deep’s Anu Henriques about the collaborative process behind In My Blood It Runs, and how the film seeks to highlight and resist injustices from juvenile incarceration to Indigenous erasure in Australia.


It’s really important for us to know how the film is being received by teachers & students across the country. After viewing please take 10 minutes to complete the following evaluation forms.

If possible please send the Student Survey to your whole class to complete.

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“A documentary about a 10-year-old Aboriginal boy’s experience in school, In My Blood It Runs, has reignited a debate about Australia’s failure to give indigenous children a good education and a fair start in life.”

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With thanks

The In My Blood It Runs team would like to honour those Collaborating Directors Dujuan Hoosan, Carol Turner, Megan Hoosan, James Mawson, Margie Anderson for sharing their story and guiding this impact work.

The team has been working with education partners to develop classroom resources. The resources were developed with an Advisory Board who read, discussed and redrafted these guides over many months. Special thanks to Alanna Raymond, Tessa Keenan, Stephanie Woerde, Esma Livermore and Julie Bover from Reconciliation Australia, Alex Shain from Shark Island, Maria Katsabanis from Australian Human Rights Commission, Renee Phillips from National Indigenous Youth Education Coalition, and Keren Shlezinger. The UK resources were adapted with support from Jane Vadiveloo from Children’s Ground, Keren Shlezenger and producer/educator Rachel Naninaaq Edwardson, and director Maya Newell Together Films. 

Learn more about the film, and Dujuan and his families goals for change at: