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Imagine upending the traditional energy system and giving the power of clean electricity production back to your neighbors. We the Power follows friends, families and visionaries as they break down legislative barriers and take power back from big energy companies to put in the hands of locals. The film chronicles local cooperatives from deep in Germany’s Black Forest to the streets of ancient Girona in Spain and the urban rooftops of London, England, as they pave the way for a renewable-energy revolution and build healthier, more financially stable communities.

Together, we can bring the benefits of renewable energy production home. One million European citizens are involved in today’s growing community-energy movement. By 2050, it could be more than 260 million citizens, each helping to generate up to 45 percent of the European Union’s electricity from community energy—providing local jobs, reduced energy bills, a healthier environment and a stronger social fabric.

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The government has approved the formation of renewable-energy communities, allowing citizens, associations and commercial enterprises to produce clean power for their own use.

With the help of established cooperatives in Italy, like ènostra, we can change the way we make and consume energy based on community participation and benefit. The power to change our system is now in the hands of ordinary people, like you and me.


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