The future of ENERGY is community owned

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"In the run-up to last year’s climate conference in Glasgow, we witnessed a raft of companies promising to reduce their emissions and green their energy use. It’s time for all of us, Patagonia included, to commit to radical, systemic action and actually deliver..."


Businesses across Europe can be doing more to take action on climate change and move money away from fossil fuels that are damaging our planet.
Patagonia’s We the Power is a FREE resource that explores the power of community-owned energy and can promote important discussions in your workplace today. It is a perfect resource for corporates and companies working towards environmental change, especially in the run-up to Earth Day 2022 on April 22nd.
Screen We the Power and use our free resources to find out how your business can take strategic action today. Together, we can imagine a new energy system and bring the benefits of renewable energy home.
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Directed by David Garrett Byars / 2021 / 39 Min

Imagine upending the traditional energy system and giving the power of clean electricity production back to your neighbors. We the Power follows friends, families and visionaries as they break down legislative barriers and take power back from big energy companies to put in the hands of locals. The film chronicles local cooperatives from deep in Germany’s Black Forest to the streets of ancient Girona in Spain and the urban rooftops of London, England, as they pave the way for a renewable-energy revolution and build healthier, more financially stable communities.

The We The Power Campaign is an initiative of Patagonia. You can find out more information about the campaign here.

Together Films are working with Patagonia to engage communities across the world to bring this important film to your networks.