YOUTH UNSTOPPABLE takes us inside the rise of the Global Youth Climate Movement. Slater Jewell-Kemker was 15 when she began documenting the untold stories of youth on the front lines of climate change, refusing to let their future slip away.

Over the course of ten years and set against stunning visuals of a planet in crisis, YOUTH UNSTOPPABLE follows the evolution of a diverse network of youth rising up to the shape the world they will live in.

32 Slater filming Alina Nepali village00202641.jpg

Director: Slater Jewell-Kemker

Producer: Wendy Jewell, Daniel Bekerman, Slater Jewell-Kemker

Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes

Year: 2018


Life and Liberty Award - Sidewalk Film Festival

Young Filmmaker Award - San Francisco Green Film Festival

Most Inspirational Film - Orlando Film Festival

Best Canadian Feature Film - Planet in Focus Film Festival

Special Jury Prize - BendFILM Festival

Student Choice Award - MountainFILM Festival

Fresh Perspectives Competition Winner - Pelicam International Film Festival

Campaign Objectives

  • To create a global call to action for young people to become involved within the politics of the climate crisis.

  • To ensure that the youth voice is heard by those in power.

  • To empower young people to document the movement, creating a wealth of citizen journalists that will hold decision makers accountable.

Our Strategy

  • We will launch a Global Screenings initiative to galvanize the youth climate movement. Crucially providing the historical context for where this generation of climate activists has come from and inspire them to take charge. Screening will be accompanied by detailed discussions and workshops

  • We will screen the film as part of the UN Climate Week (NYC, US) in Sep and COP 25 (Santiago, Chile) in Dec as part of a coordinated events plan to engage senior stakeholders around the climate crisis.

    Crucial to this will be the amplification of the youth voice within these environments on panel conversations and Q&A's to support the Green New Deal.

  • A crucial part of Youth Unstoppable is the power of citizen journalism. We want to provide media and communications training to young activists in order to escalate the conversation around the climate crisis.

    In addition to screening events, a resource kit will be developed, and equipment provided for new voices to document their journey. Both in developed and developing nations most affected by climate change.

Our Results


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