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Note: We use the word ‘partner’ broadly to describe the variety of collaborators in our network, including, but not limited to, screening hosts, take-action partners, sponsors, clients, and venues. If someone is listed here, we think they are pretty amazing, and we encourage you to find out more about their great work. 

About Irish Film London

Founded by Kelly O’Connor in 2010 and now in its tenth year, Irish Film London presents the latest and greatest of Irish film and animation to UK audiences. We run events throughout the year including the film section of the Brigid’s Day Celebration of Women, in collaboration with the Embassy of Ireland in London, the St. Patrick’s Day Festival with the Mayor of London, our annual Irish Film London Awards, and culminating in the five day Irish Film Festival London in November each year.

Through premiere screenings, Director Q&A sessions, workshops, exhibitions, and performances, Irish Film London aims to bring together industry professionals, film fans and fans of Irish arts & culture alike. Focusing on Irish productions, scripts and casts, IFL provides a significant platform for Irish film in London, and ensures that the best of Irish creative talent is continually promoted here in the UK.

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