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Together Films hosted a strategy session with the talented Earthrise Studio team (Alice Aedy, Jack Harries & Finn Harries) to discuss the future of climate communications.

About Earthrise Studio

earthrise is a digital platform and creative studio. We use design, film, and storytelling to communicate the climate crisis.
We’re named after the iconic photo taken in 1968 by William Anders on the NASA Apollo 8 mission to the moon. When it was published, ‘Earthrise’ helped catalyse the global environmental movement. It shifted the perspective of those who saw it, serving as a reminder of both the fragility and the uniqueness of Planet Earth.  

We fundamentally believe in the power of storytelling to shape new perspectives. Stories are the fabric of our world. They help us contextualise our history, navigate the present, and imagine the future. We believe that we need a new story to reframe our relationship with the natural world and address the multiple intersecting crises we face today.

Our goal is to humanise the impacts of the climate crisis by sharing the diverse experiences of those living on the frontlines of climate change and the activists who have devoted their lives to tackling it.

We are committed to amplifying the voices of BIPOC communities in the knowledge that they are both the most affected by climate and often the most marginalised from the conversation. 

We operate as a full service creative studio and editorial platform.

As featured in The Guardian and The Evening Standard.

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Our Work

Together Films were engaged by the Founders of Earthrise to host a business strategy session about the growth of the company. We had been huge fans of the team for a while and were delighted to work with them in this capacity to build upon the amazing community of 200K+ followers that they had already amassed. 

We first met filmmaker Jack Harries as part of our 2040 campaign, where he joined a Q&A panel to discuss regeneration and the power of youth voices within the climate movement. We were then welcomed by Alice Aedy (a documentary filmmaker) and Jack on the Digital Power Webinar Series (hosted in partnership with the Centre for Media and Social Impact) to discuss their digital-first approach to storytelling. 

Our consultation provided a space for the whole team, including the 3rd Co-Founder Finn Harries (a skilled filmmaker & designer) to talk about the ambitions for the studio and how to create maximum impact with their work. 

We discussed the current state of climate communications, opportunities for innovation, and community building. They were just about to debut The Breakdown on the Waterbear network, and it was a chance to discuss how their content could impact audiences in the future.

They then went on to launch the powerful YouTube series A Seat At The Table in the run-up to COP26, including an interview with Barak Obama himself... The ambition of this team is incredible, and we can't wait to see what they do next!



Co-Founder Earthrise Studio

The strategy advice that we received from Together Films was transformational in terms of how we saw the growth opportunities for Earthrise Studio. Sarah helped to layout potential new content verticals we could be delivering, and how to scale our operations in a sustainable way.

As a new company, the strategic thinking from Together Films informed the launch of our new website and opened our eyes to new ways of monetizing the business. We are forever grateful to Sarah and the team for providing guidance during our formational years so that Earthrise can continue to deliver climate communications that inspire, inform, and educates the exciting community of new climate leaders that we are building.

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