impact distribution strategy

For each project that we work on, we start with a phase of Impact Distribution Strategy, our custom methodology which helps define the strategic goals of the whole team. We craft this strategy in partnership with our clients and partners to ensure success.

Once agreed, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are set and we use our own data platform to track success. We evaluate daily and update the following areas as the campaign roles out, to reflect any changes in popular culture that may affect the original plan. 

issue context

Getting to the core of exactly what your film or festival is really about. Crucial to be able to identify strategic goals and partners. 

impact objectives

Creating top line goals that frame the whole campaign. Considering Reach, Revenue and Reaction targets to ensure that the whole team is moving towards the same mission. 

target audience

Conducting an audience profiling session to highlight core and secondary audience groups to ensure success. Understanding the media and commerce needs of each group to hit outlined targets. 

We rely on collaboration with a series of partners to ensure that a film gets to the right audience. We conduct an in depth period of research to identify strategic partners across a range of platforms, issues and territories to amplify your vision. 

strategic partners