Eternal Spring has been wowing film critics and viewers alike across the globe. The film, a hybrid animated documentary featuring the artwork of acclaimed illustrator Daxiong (Star Wars, Justice League), has taken home audience awards from Canada, Greece, and the Netherlands, including the esteemed Hot Docs Audience Award.

The Guardian has called Eternal Spring “an inspired mixed-media reflection”, and POV Magazine has described the film as “a breathtaking story of a struggle for freedom”.

With its stunning art style and animation and striking storyline following the hi-jacking of a national Chinese television network, it’s easy to see why Eternal Spring has resonated so deeply with audiences worldwide. The film is now available for screenings, meaning you can bring Eternal Spring to your friends, family, and wider community – keep reading to find out how.

"An inspired mixed-media reflection"
- The Guardian (UK)
“Ingenious… Eternal Spring artfully articulates a people’s hunger for change.”
- POV Magazine (Canada)
“An essential and integral watch. An unmissable documentary”
- Upcoming on Screen (UK)
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How easy is it to host a screening?

Whether you want to host a screening at your university, or a watch virtually with friends, screening Eternal Spring couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in the form to register your interest and we’ll do the rest.
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In March 2002, a state TV signal in China is hacked by members of the banned spiritual group Falun Gong. Their goal is to counter the government narrative about their practice.

In the aftermath, police raids sweep Changchun City, and comic book illustrator Daxiong (Justice League, Star Wars), a Falun Gong practitioner, is forced to flee. He arrives in North America, blaming the hijacking for worsening a violent repression. But his views are challenged when he meets the lone surviving participant to have escaped China, now living in Seoul, South Korea.

Combining present-day footage with 3D animation inspired by Daxiong’s art, Eternal Spring retraces the event on its 20th anniversary, and brings to life an unprecedented story of defiance, harrowing eyewitness accounts of persecution, and an exhilarating tale of determination to speak up for political and religious freedoms, no matter the cost.

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