Together Films can support the distribution of your film to suit your particular audience engagement and revenue plans. Whether that is a full theatrical release in the UK & US market or a comprehensive non-theatrical screening tour in multiple territories. We can work directly with Producers or as an additional elements alongside traditional distributors.

Together Films Theatrical Bookings

Theatrical distribution

Together Films deliver theatrical distribution campaigns across the UK & US market. Always considering the needs of the film our booking approach covers key cities, and smaller sites where your audience may be located. We conduct an in depth audience analysis to inform our booking strategy and work with trusted parties to deliver DCP and promotional assets to multiple cinemas.

Together Films Non-Theatrical

Non-theatrical distribution

Together Films are the leading European experts when it comes to Non-Theatrical Distribution. We can implement screening campaigns for film across multiple audience target groups including Universities, Schools, NGOs, Charities, activist groups and policy leaders. Building on 5 years of our data driven approach, we have a database of over 15,000 contacts that can amplify non-theatrical screening tours.

Together Films Educational Distribution


Together Films places a high value on educational distribution, which is why we have built a database of Schools & Universities in order to engage students with the important messages in our films. Depending on the rights availability, this can either be an additional revenue stream, or free access to drive impact with students.

Together Films Online Digital Distribution


We believe a comprehensive distribution campaign must include all possible distribution routes, and so we can advise and deliver online release campaigns in partnership with trusted 3rd parties. If you haven’t yet arranged your online release (iTunes, Amazon etc) then we can arrange this as part of our theatrical or non-theatrical package.

Together Films DVD / Blu Ray

DVD / Blu Ray

The DVD market is not yet dead, even though various industry reports could claim it so. Depending on your audience target, it may be advisable to have a DVD / Blu Ray option as part of your campaign. We can work with you to create a compelling option and ensure that the right points of sale are activated.