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TISH: The Reviews are in!

The Together Films team were excited to be at Sheffield DocFest this year to be in the room of the highly anticipated opening night film TISH.

The remarkable film celebrates the vision and profound humanism of the artist Tish Murtha, a photographer whose powerful imagery captured the essence of working-class communities in the 1970s and 1980s. Directed by Paul Sng (POLY STYRENE: I AM A CLICHE, DISPOSSESSION), the documentary exhibits the life experiences, struggles, and achievements of Murtha, questioning the value placed on art and artists from working class roots. The film also follows Tish’s daughter Ella, in her drive to preserve her mother’s legacy.

The incredible team, including Tish Murtha’s daughter and Executive Producer, Ella Murtha, behind the making of TISH were in the room at Sheffield City Hall to introduce the film, and took part in a post-screening Q&A. Ella Murtha said “I wanted people to know how talented she was and know who Tish Murtha was as a person”. Director Paul Sng said “TISH was lucky to have great funders including Screen Scotland, BFI and the BBC.” The film received a standing ovation and an outpouring of love from its audience on social media following the screening.

A black and white photograph of the Artist, Tish Murtha. A woman with short dark hair is looking over her shoulder towards the camera wearing a black jacket. She has a cigarette in her hand. In the background is a grassy area, trees and a lake.
*Tish Murtha Portrait (1983)* by Tish Murtha © Ella Murtha, all rights reserved.

Now, the reviews are in. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw gave it 4 stars and called it a “a tremendous, humane tribute to a real artist.” Nick Bradshaw, for Sight and Sound, said “Paul Sng’s intimate documentary resurrects a fleeting art radical, honouring her incisive political views as well as her photographs.” Santanu Das at Hindustan Times called the film “galvanising… a quietly wondrous film”. 

Together Films are thrilled to have acquired world sales rights for TISH alongside a UK deal with  distributor Modern Films.

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