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Sexuality, Stereotypes and Sisterhood – Together Film’s Recommendations this International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! At Together Films, we’re celebrating the way we know best – by finding inspiration from some of the best documentaries made by and about women. If you’re feeling stuck on what to watch this evening, our amazing female-led team has come up with some recommendations, as well as sharing their excitement around some up and coming releases. Find out what we’re getting hyped about and if you’d like to share your own recommendations, make sure to let us know on Twitter!

The Dilemma of Desire – Frankie, Digital Marketing Manager

“While male sexuality is repeatedly glorified and indulged in media, female sexuality is often diminished, if not erased. I recently watched the quietly radical documentary The Dilemma of Desire, which is screening as part of the Athena Film Festival this year. Speaking truth to generations of females who’ve been raised in a haze of conflict that surrounds their sense of self, their sexuality and their bodies, TDOD encourages everyone who identifies as a woman to be unapologetically themselves.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the director: “We were taught as women, as girls to rein it in. That teaches you not to think about the possibilities of your life, so pleasure is an act of resistance – the resistance we still face, in 2021. That’s what we need to fight against.” – Maria Finitzo.

The Dilemma of Desire is now showing at Athena Film Festival – watch in the US here.

The 8th Beccy, Campaign Director

“I’m so excited that we have the privilege of sharing The 8th with UK audiences this spring. Directed by three female directors, The 8th is an inspiring, impactful documentary, that demonstrates the power of women coming together to raise their collective voices and create change.”

The 8th will be available online as part of Human Rights Watch Film Festival London on 18th March, and in cinemas across the UK and Ireland from 25th May.

Ahead of the Curve Sarah, Founder & CEO

“International Women’s Day is a highlight focus for so many in our field as we celebrate the achievements of fearless women around the world. As a bisexual woman I’m thriled that we are working with the passionate team behind Ahead Of The Curve to launch the film this summer during Pride. Franco Stevens dared to dream of a place for conversation and celebration where lesbians could appear on the front cover of magazines. With a fist full of credit cards, she put everything on the line to carve out a space for community and conversation, and wouldn’t take no for an answer when people said it couldn’t be done. With the launch of an expansive screening tour this summer, we want to bring that community back together, alongside a new queer generation to celebration diversity and inclusion in all it’s forms.”

Ahead of the Curve will be in cinemas across the UK and US this June – find out more and join the mailing list here.

Gaea Girls Will Chapman, Impact Distribution Manager

“I remember watching Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams’ Gaea Girls for the first time and being enthralled by its multifaceted observations of femininity. It’s exploration of homosocial relationships goes beyond the simple didacticism of ‘women can resist stereotypes’, revealing the deeper constitutional complexities of our gender identities and the society that perpetuates them.”

Gaea Girls is available on demand from Vimeo.


Pretend It’s A City – Isy, Impact Distribution Coordinator

“I loved ‘Pretend It’s A City’, the Martin Scorsese mini-series interviewing writer Fran Lebowitz. I love seeing portrayals of women where they are so entirely themselves, and this is exactly that – Lebowitz is sarcastic and grouchy and exasperated at the modern world. She’s also an excellent storyteller, and hearing Martin Scorsese chuckle at her every word is absolutely delightful.” 

Pretend It’s A City is available now on Netflix.

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