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Happy International Women’s Day!


Today is a day to recognise and celebrate the numerous fierce women around the world fighting for their voices to be heard on current issues affecting our communities. We want to shine a spotlight on bold, courageous women who have been the focus of recent impactful stories of resilience and hope.



Fashion Reimagined follows Amy Powney’s journey as a Designer who wants to create a sustainable collection from field to finished product, or leave fashion for good. Directed by Becky Hutner, this film will confront audiences and challenge the way we consume fashion.

The film is now available to view in cinemas across the UK and Ireland and will be streaming on Sky Documentaries from 9th April.


Reyhaneh Jabbari of ‘SEVEN WINTERS IN TEHRAN’ 

Reyhaneh, a young Iranian architect, is convicted for stabbing the man who tried to rape her. Her protest makes her a symbol of resistance for Iranian women, and subsequently, opens a window into the mass oppression and silencing of women in Iran. Watch this vital film as part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival London 16-24 March at the Barbican, with tickets on sale now.

Zafira Ghafari of ‘IN HER HANDS’

This is a documentary that tells the story of Zarifa, who became one of Afghanistan’s female mayors and the youngest to hold this type of position at just 26 years old. As her country unravels with the looming takeover by the Taliban, her mission is to keep girls in education and for her personal survival. The film is now available to watch on Netflix USA


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of ‘TO THE END’

AOC is part of a women-forward team of leaders who are fighting for the rise of the Green New Deal, a new plan to address climate change, economic justice and racial justice. Directed by Rachel Lears, the four courageous women are fighting to implement a historic shift in U.S climate politics, documented over a turbulent three year period. You can rent or purchase the film online, or host a screening in your local community.



Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars, this film examines the life and career of photographer and activist, Nan Goldin, who fights to take down the Sackler family – the pharmaceutical dynasty who was greatly responsible for the opioid epidemic’s inscrutable death toll. Available to watch in cinemas now.

You can help support these films and these women trailblazers every day, not just today. You can attend screenings, host a screening in your community, watch the films or spread the word on social media and within your social networks.

Talk to us now to find out more about the ways you can support these films.

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