Together Films - Seed Funding Round


Together Films are currently raising a Seed Investment Round



What does this mean and why are we sharing this publicly? 


Our vision is a creative sector driven by collaboration, transparency and insight to ensure that great work gets seen.


Inspired by other Founders such as Joel Gascoigne (Founder of Buffer) with his transparency blog and Justin Rosenstein (Co-Founder of Asana) who focusses on collaborative working, we wish to launch the next phase of Together Films by being completely open. This starts with this open blog about our first Seed Funding round. 

To date Together Films has never needed outside investment, we have always 'run on revenue', and we are super proud about that.

However, to launch a new tech solution for the global film industry requires resources, and lots of them. We need to rapidly scale up our team, complete our demo product (see below) and prepare for our formal launch. Our aim is to be ready by Sundance 2019, and for that we need your help. 

What is a Seed Funding round and why are we doing this now?

Over the past few years, we have been dreaming of a tool that would get our industry in order. As a consultancy and agency we had unique insight to see the insides of a variety of Film Funds, Film Festivals, Production Companies and Sales Agents. When you lift under the hood, what we found was a mass of outdated Google spreadsheets, paper reporting processes and disorganisation....

For the ones who were at their A game, they were still hating the amount of administration and reporting they had to do to fulfil their contractual obligations. Rather than focussing on sales, they were focussing on reports.

After interviewing over 200 people all facing the same anxieties we knew we had to act. 

Our vision is a new platform - Together Insights - that puts everyone on the same page. A new film market management tool that eases the pain of working with others.

A simple, intuitive platform that shares mission critical business information between members of the film value chain, and speeds up revenue allocation coming back up. 

Together Insights

Together Insights

Bringing clarity to the business of film. 


We are currently raising a £500K Seed Funding round as the first formal investment in our new tech solution, and already have £100K in the bag. This funding will be prioritised on Technical R&D, Product Design, new Staff hires and supporting our launch marketing. 

Seed Funding will allow our ideas to grow. 

We have always run a lean operation, and this will be no different. We want to build a world class product, to be used by hundreds of thousands of users, and therefore need to ensure that the platform is robust, scalable and most important, beautiful

What will it do exactly? 

Putting it simply, Together Insights will ease communication and reporting between business partners in the film & TV industry to enhance the opportunities for your IP.

If you have ever been frustrated about a late sales report... confused at the management of multiple festival screenings... unclear as to whether your broadcast agreement in Germany can sit side by side your Netflix agreement, our platform will show you the way. 


It's Rights Management made right. 

More importantly, it connects directly to the markets themselves so your experience at festivals becomes a breeze. Coordinate sales meetings in 2 clicks, have contracts write themselves, and rights availabilities at your finger tips. Identify potential new buyers and investors attending that are already eager to find content like yours.

For the money people, streamline your deal flow with intuitive submissions processes that filter high priority targets to the top of your list. Visualise your pipeline of deals in the only 'film first' CRM. 

For the investors reading this, it is a highly sophisticated marketplace application benefitting from network efforts to remove inefficiencies in B2B operations in the film value chain. Powered by Blockchain, driven by creatives. We can geek out some more on this if you are interested... 

Why now? 

Having trialed a selection of our new data dashboards with clients, we know that we have a product that people want and need. We spent time last year building out the database backend and now need investment to bring us to full market launch. 

We have Advanced Assurance from HMRC to provide great tax incentives via the SEIS & EIS investment schemes for UK investors and can't wait to get this product to market. (If you don't know what this means, just ask!). 

We are looking for investors who are eager to disrupt the film industry and bring a greater sense of collaboration, transparency and insight to our sector. 

If this sounds like you, or someone your know, feel free to reach out to us directly on to receive the formal pitch deck and further information. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon, 

Sarah Mosses

Founder & CEO

Together Films / Together Insights